The patented Ceres Steel Cell is a clever combination of unique technology, durable low cost materials and existing manufacturing processes.

What makes the Steel Cell so unique is the fact that it operates at temperatures of 500-600 °C. This allows the use of low cost steel and abundant ceramics with cost-effective mass manufacturing, at the same time as delivering high performance.

We make the Steel Cell by screen printing layers of ceramic ink onto a drilled sheet of steel. Achieving these high quality ceramic layers at low temperature on steel is protected through extensive registered intellectual property and know-how. Exclusive to Ceres is the use of Ceria in the anode and electrolyte. Ceria is as abundant as copper and is used industrially for dyeing glass, self-cleaning ovens and catalytic converters in cars. Steel needs no introduction as the backbone of modern life, used in 75% of household applications.

The Steel Cell is a very efficient way of generating power from gas and can use the existing gas infrastructure. With our technology overall efficiency of fossil fuel use can be improved from around 35-40% up to 80-90%.. This means that regular users could reduce the carbon footprint of their home by 30% and even more for the modern always-on business.

The combination of these factors makes the Steel Cell an efficient, cost effective and cleaner way of giving people control over their energy supply.