Our work constantly refining our unique technology and exploring new applications means that fuel cell technology, which put a man on the moon, can be an affordable energy solution for every home and business.

Ceres is one of the largest and most experienced independent fuel cell companies and to accelerate our partners’ route to market with our technology we offer our extensive experience and intellectual property in product development.

We are able to support our partners globally in every aspect of the system engineering cycle, including:

Engineering and technology services

We can support businesses at different stages of development. For aspiring power system companies playing catch up or established players who cannot meet the cost and performance targets for truly mass market products, we can provide technology access and engineering support services for a variety of power applications.

Technology access to our IP

The Steel Cell technology and supporting system architecture is highly differentiated, disruptive and protected. We have a growing IP portfolio, with 42 patent families (up from 39 last year) and, as a technology company, generating and exploiting our IP is at the core of what we do. We can offer our partners the ability to access this considerable IP and know how under license.

Manufacturing capability

We manufacture the Steel Cell through the unique combination of putting ceramics on steel, in a low cost and highly scalable process. We continuously develop our manufacturing processes in the UK to enable scale-up of the Steel Cell supply through regional manufacturing partners.