At Ceres Power we offer our partners the opportunity to develop power systems and products using our unique Steel Cell technology under license, accelerating their time to market for the next generation of power products. Major OEM partners worldwide are evaluating the Steel Cell and have begun development using the Steel Cell technology for different applications across multiple markets.

We can provide access to our considerable Intellectual Property (IP) and know how at the cell, stack and systems levels, combined with the opportunity to supply the Steel Cell in volume through our manufacturing partners. In return, we benefit from our partners’ expertise to design, develop and commercialise products that use our Steel Cell technology, which will allow us to scale the business opportunity both geographically and by product application.

At the point at which the customer goes into commercial product development the IP can be transferred under a license agreement, giving the OEM rights for a particular application and region. An upfront fee covers the initial transfer of rights with ongoing royalties on product sales.

We have considerable manufacturing capability and expertise in the UK at Horsham, which can be scaled and replicated with regional manufacturing partners to provide economies of scale.