Your home most probably uses electricity generated by a central power station, which is transmitted through the electricity grid network. It also probably uses a gas boiler to meet its heating and hot water needs.

A combined heat and power (CHP) product installed in your home and generating electricity at the point of use avoids the energy losses inherent in the grid network and captures the heat for use in domestic hot water and heating.

By generating power at the point of use overall efficiency of fossil fuel use can be improved from around 35-40% up to 80-90%. This increase in energy efficiency also delivers significant reductions in carbon emissions and energy costs.

Recent studies in the EU have shown that fuel cell CHP systems save 27% of a typical home’s energy consumption, 30% of its CO2 emissions and eliminate other pollutants such as NOx almost entirely.1

1. FCH JU – Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Commercialisation Study published by Roland Berger, 2014