Energy supplies are becoming increasingly unstable and expensive. A reliable and stable source of power is worth hundreds of billions of dollars in lost time to businesses around the world.

In the US unreliable power supply cost the economy US$150bn in 20132. In response, fuel cells are being installed in high-value markets such as data centres, which are contributing to the growth in energy demand and leading companies including eBay, Google and Apple are deploying fuel cells to ensure energy resilience and reduce costs.

In Europe an increase in renewables has given rise to grid stability issues. Fuel cells can help with the integration of intermittent renewables into the energy mix, by balancing power outputs to secure flexible low-carbon supply.

The Ceres Steel Cell uses the existing gas infrastructure, which has 99.999% reliability versus overhead transmission, providing a much more efficient and secure distributed generation of heat and power at source, while also reducing operating costs.

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